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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Announcing Fitocracy Duels - Challenge Someone Now!

Fitocracy Duels Now Available! Go and Do Battle!

Arguing about whose turn it is to do the washing up?
He left the toilet seat up again?
Ben from accounts drank the last of the coffee and didn’t make a new batch?
Felicia keeps mocking your K/D ratio in Modern Warfare 3?
Been watching a few too many episodes of Game of Thrones

Finally, Fitocracy Duels gives you a way to settle all of these important issues. As the good folks at HBO like to say, War is Coming!

(Pssst, if you don’t feel like reading, just go to right now to start engaging in battle!)

So, what are Duels and how do you use them to become even more awesome?

If you’ve already used Fitocracy, you’re probably familiar with Group Challenges. A group owner issues a challenge, say, for most points earned in a weekend, and everyone in that group then competes for their position on the podium. It keeps people motivated and lets them flex their competitive muscles (literally). Duels take the concept of challenges a step further, and this time it’s personal.

Borrowing liberally from the perennially popular concept of Player vs. Player games, a Fitocracy Hero can issue a Duel to any other user* to take place on a date of their choosing. If that user accepts, the duelists compete head to head until the bitter end. Remember, Kids… There Can Be Only One! (unless it’s a draw). There are ten duel-types including “Most Points Earned,” “Heaviest Bench Press” and “Most Distance Run.” Now, of course, a Duel wouldn’t be a Duel unless your blood thirsty prop-friendly friends are forced to pick sides and and root for a team.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

Challenging Someone: 
If you’re a Hero, you will now see a Duel Button on other Fitocrats’ profiles on the site. Have they insulted your family? Challenge them to a Duel!

Not Started: The brand new mini-dash (click on “See More” to expand it) contains a list of all the upcoming Duel events. Will you choose to (bravely) Run Away, or Fight?

In Progress: We let you know whether you’re winning or losing.

A Duel Page: You can see the Duel type, Win Rate for previous duels against the opponent, Fan Support, and Points. The faces directly beneath each duelist indicate the first people to join your team. They’re your super-friends. Underneath that, you’ll see tabs for Shout Outs, Activities and Duel Histories.

In the Feed: You’ll see a few variations of this. All are designed to keep you updated on the current lay of the land. Who has been challenged? Who won? Only time will tell.

It’s time to throw down the gauntlet and show Simon that he can’t keep stealing your protein cookies from the break room. Your good name, and your snacks, are yours to protect. 

In the words of Shakespeare:

"I will bite my thumb at them;
which is a disgrace to them, if they bear it.”

- Sampson, Act 1. Scene I, Romeo and Juliet

Go forth and do battle!

*Duels is a site-only feature for now. Coming Soon to iOS.

**Only Heroes can issue a Duel. Any user, including non-Heroes, can accept them.