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Friday, November 4, 2011

Introducing Fitocracy Hero

It’s been almost exactly a year since Richard and I started working on Fitocracy. In reflecting on all that’s happened, I felt like sharing the latest on what’s been going on and a peak at what to expect in the future.

One Year In
It’s been a wild ride so far. Thirteen months ago, Richard and I started working on Fitocracy with the vision of turning fitness into a video game where users could level themselves up in real life. We figured that using the same addictive qualities of games that had kept us glued to TV screens for years could also be applied for a greater purpose: to improve people’s health and fitness.

I am pleased to say that thirteen months later, the idea behind Fitocracy has resonated with quite a lot of people. In fact, last week we hit an incredible milestone: over 100,000 people are now a part of the Fitocracy community. We were amazed when we broke 10,000 just 5 months ago so you can imagine how blown away we are at the growth of the community to date. Word has continued to spread about us and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. 

Somehow, we’ve managed to move beyond our friends and family politely nodding their heads when we say we’re running a startup to the point where they’ve seen us on places like CNN. And that’s not the only place we’ve been popping up. We’ve also been written about (or sometimes made fun of ;)) in places like: XKCD,Penny ArcadeTechCrunch, and The NY Observer.

It’s still weird for us to see our names on some of these places.

Fitocracy Hero
We’ve been hard at work trying to make sure Fitocracy is the most motivating and addictive way to reach your fitness goals. An important part of delivering the best experience possible is to figure out what key features are most valuable to the user. To help us do that quicker, we are introducing the Fitocracy Hero account. For just $4.99 a month, users receive a number of exclusive new benefits, including:

  • Titles: A brand new set of unlockables that you can earn for particular fitness milestones. Want to be known as Edwin, The Bold? You’ll have to hit level 10. Want to carry the title of Darius, The Disciplined? Then off to obtain the “Get Low” achievement with you!
  • Copy workouts: Ever see someone else’s workout and think, “I’d really like to try that?” Now you can. Just click the “Copy” icon next to any workout and set the date you’d like to do that workout. We’ll send you an email with that workout the morning of that workout date.
  • Premium stream visibility: Fitocracy Heroes enjoy enhanced visibility in the stream. When others hover over your name, they will see your level, your title, and can instantly follow you without having to visit your profile page.
  • Exclusive early access: Supporting us as a Hero means the world to us. To show our gratitude, we will give you exclusive access to new features that you request before they’re released to the rest of Fitocracy. Coming soon: GRAPHS
  • Support the community: As Fitocracy continues to grow, our variable costs get bigger and bigger and we’re not paying ourselves much of anything at all. Becoming a Fitocracy Hero helps us feed ourselves and cover expenses. Plus, it’s a lot easier to build new features when we’re not worried about becoming homeless.

    By becoming a Fitocracy Hero, you’ll be directly helping us speed up development and deliver the features you want. To learn more on how to become a Fitocracy Hero, just click here.

    We also want to make it clear that even though Fitocracy Hero is a paid account, we will never compromise the Fitocracy experience for our free users. We know how much it sucks to see a community split between free and paid users so we are making sure Fitocracy remains awesome for everyone =).

    -Brian, Richard, and Daniel


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