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Monday, October 3, 2011

Announcing Fitocracy Mobile!

We’ve been waiting to write this post for quite a while now. After what seems like an eternity, we’ve finally released the very first version of our mobile web app. That’s right, you can now log your workouts on the go if you have an iPhone or an Android phone!

Getting Started
In order to start using Fitocracy Mobile, log in to Fitocracy on your phone and then visit

The first screen you will see is the main mobile Track page. Use the left and right arrows on the Date Picker at the top to select your date. To start logging activities, either use the Activity Search bar (just start typing the name of the activity and it’ll automatically start displaying search results, just like on the Desktop version) or select a Routine or Most Used Activity using the drop down options.

Right on track
Once you select an activity, you’ll automatically be brought to that activity’s track page. Enter your details using the fields at the top. To make your life easier, we made sure to keep that field info persistent so if you’re logging multiple sets/sessions of the same thing, just keep tapping “Add Set” to add a bunch of sets quickly. If you need to tweak the data, just use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the numbers without having to select the field all over again.

Mmmmm…. points….
Once you’re done with that activity, just press the Log button at the upper right corner to log it! Then shower in the glory that is Fitocracy points. Go on, indulge yourself.

Can’t get enough
You can continue adding more activities from the main Track page. Don’t be shy, add as many as you like.

Details, details, details…
After you’re done with your workout, tap the Summary button at the upper right to see the full details of your workout!

Work in Progress
We want to emphasize that this is only the initial release and we know that there are plenty of bugs for us to work out. And there are certain features that didn’t make it into this version. Since this is a mobile site, you may also experience some issues if you’re working out in an area with poor internet connectivity. Believe us, that makes us really, really sad. But if you know anything about us, then you know we always respond to feedback and we push fixes as quickly as we can. And we’re not planning on changing that trend any time soon.

This is a big milestone for Fitocracy and we hope you are excited as we are. We want to provide you with an awesome experience and remember, we are here to serve you. If you’d like to request an improvement or report a bug, just shoot us an email at

Now go check it out!

- The Fitocracy Team


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